Practice Management

Take the practice of medicine mobile

Practice Management

Optimizes healthcare providers’
complete work day

Mozaic MobileMED+ practice management features puts your medical practice in the palm of your hand. MobileMED+ follows healthcare providers through their full work day, documenting every aspect of each patient encounter while updating EHR data using MobileMED+ integration engine.

Healthcare Providers can:

  • Complete their entire work day, including all documentation at patient point-of-care, physicals, consult notes, procedure dictations, and more, simply with Dragon Medical voice-to-text, eliminating the extra step of updating patient charts from a desktop computer.
  • View labs, vitals, intake/output, radiology, pathology, and other reports/notes from other systems.
  • Manage patient plans by problem and assign tasks to specific hospital care teams by patient or by user within our task management system.
  • Access or enter discrete data from patient encounters, ICD-10 compliant documentation, and integrate with existing billing system for revenue optimization.
  • Capture missed revenue. Hospital billing and/or coding teams can review point of care documentation created with Dragon Medical voice-to-text and send clinical queries to providers to improve revenue, and augment billing and claims data.
  • Increase revenue, quality metrics, and patient safety by providing an easy, provider-based mobile environment to capture the highest level of detail around patient point of care.
  • Healthcare providers are more productive and reduce time spent writing notes.
  • Customize the application user interface to better match their workflow
  • Improve coordination of care.
  • Improve team communication for patient safety and save on redundant services.
  • Automatically update existing legacy EHRs to minimize disparate data sources, while maintaining a patient-centric, interoperable database in the Mozaic network.
  • Direct secure messaging to connect with physicians and care teams for instructions, transitions of care, and much more.
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Best of Breed & Enterprise Systems

Whether your hospital has a best of breed EHR or has upgraded to an enterprise EHR suite, Mozaic MobileMED+ is the mobile application that physicians want. Mozaic MobileMED+ improves practice management, increases revenues, and quality performance as well as, quality of life.

MobileMED+ can extract value from hospital IT investments by leveraging existing systems, their data and infrastructure, optimizing physicians and providing valuable, real-time consolidated data for analysis. In addition, given the rich features included with MobileMED+ and the available analytics package, hospitals pick up a host of new features and capabilities that are available in larger enterprise health IT solutions. Mozaic MobileMED+ has the same or similar feature sets of Epic and Cerner with a much smaller footprint, and the integration abilities with any existing health IT and EHR systems.