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Redefine EHR access and entering patient data with a mobile application

Why Mozaic?

Mozaic was designed by surgical residents with extensive health IT experience to tackle a physician’s typical daily workload. The application is unique in that the platform was built with focus on a mobile platform, ensuring each and every task could be accomplished utilizing the relatively small screen real estate of a smartphone or tablet.

The Mozaic platform integrates with any EHR system, transforming data from multiple departments into a patient-centric interoperable cloud, allowing physicians to work entirely mobile. This includes documentation, provider to patient communication, task management, decision support, and population data analytics. In short, it delivers the systems doctors actually need, ultimately improving clinical outcomes, provider satisfaction, and cost effectiveness.

Mozaic offers a number of benefits and features unique to the platform, including:

  • Physician-designed UI
  • Inter-team/provider communication
  • Enter data and care instructions with Dragon voice-to-text recognition from Nuance
  • Provider inpatient/outpatient team or practice census lists
  • Hand-off function
  • Task management
  • Documentation coding support
  • Over 700 (and counting) industry standard quality metrics
  • Electronic order entry
  • Biometric and two-point authentication
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Electronic or biometric physician signature

By improving documentation and coding compliance, health care providers spend less time writing notes, which leads to increased revenue, aggregate data of illness categorization, improved outcomes, and in the end, better provider and patient satisfaction.

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Legacy & Enterprise Systems

Mozaic can extract value from hospital IT investments by leveraging existing systems, their data and infrastructure, optimizing physicians and providing valuable, real-time and consolidated data for analysis.  In addition, Mozaic provides a mobile solution for physicians regardless of the installed systems at a given hospital that improves their practice management, increases revenues and quality performance as well as quality of life.

In addition, given the rich features included with mosaic and the available analytics package, by adding Mozaic, the hospital picks up a host of new features and capabilities that are available in larger enterprise EMR solutions without having to purchase and install the big systems.  We have the same or similar feature sets of Epic and Cerner with a much smaller footprint and the ability to integrate bidirectional with any existing EHR or series of EHR systems.