EHR Data Integration

Take Your Medical Practice Mobile

Complete EHR Integration

Transforms data from multiple hospital systems into one application

As healthcare providers see patients, MobileMED+ integration engine runs in the background, as a gatekeeper, seamlessly providing physicians’ complete access to patient data from multiple systems, automatically updating and reconciling patient charts to your hospital’s EHR system. Simultaneously, MobileMED+ captures this information and combines it into a single data record, including documentation, provider performance, and quality analytics. MobileMED+ can provide all of your regulatory needs: quality population, health requirements, documentation, provider performance, and patient portal needs.

  • MobileMED+ can quickly integrate with just about any existing Hospital EHR/Practice Management system.
  • Patient data is pulled into MobileMED+ on patient encounters, not only minimizing impact on network speed but also creating a complete patient-centric record.
  • When physicians see patients, existing patient data is combined with new data from MobileMED+, augmented, reconciled, and sent back to the hospital EHR system, in any format required.
  • For best of breed hospital systems, MobileMED+ can be installed with or without Mobile Device Management, using MobileMED+ as your translation engine. MobileMED+ maintains a complete interoperable patient record in a HIPAA-compliant, secure onsite or cloud database, depending on hospital preference.
  • Minimal customization requirements needed – MobileMED+ can be deployed in a few months, depending on site-specific integration requirements and resources.

Data in Mozaic’s EHR is accurate, unambiguous, and a portable representation of point-of-care encounters. Data normalization, the process of ensuring that accurate date is preserved unambiguously across varied terminologies used by the systems in the health information network.

Next generation of healthcare technology

Industry experts agree that mHealth will transform healthcare. Physicians want to take their practice mobile. Unfortunately, most mHealth applications are limited to looking up patient data, ultimately anchoring physicians to desktop computers for documentation or orders. Mozaic’s MobileMED+ delivers the mHealth tools that medical providers actually want… access to patient data and the ability to act on it, including documentation of all aspects of patient care and place orders. Entering patient data is simple with Dragon voice-to-text. Using Mozaic MobileMED+, physicians have all the features of an enterprise wide EHR system in a mobile device.

  • Viewing patient data in the form of a true patient chart.
  • Entering detailed data and point of care notes with Dragon voice-to text creates accurate billing and quality compliance.
  • ICD-10 compliant coding.
  • Best of Breed EHR data reconciliation.
  • Patient and team-level task management.
  • Analytics and visualization across the network and provider practice using Mozaic’s centralized database.
  • Better communication and decision making.
  • Improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

MobileMED+ combined application and integrated EHR system is designed for physicians but with the IT team and administrators in mind. By providing a mHealth application with a user interface designed by practicing physicians and a bi-directional interoperable system incorporating the latest 2016 HHS-ONC Interoperability Standards and 2015 EHR Certification Requirements, MobileMED+ helps optimize your existing EHR systems while increasing revenue and delivering a point-of-care application that allows providers an intuitive, easy, and powerful tool to care for their patients.

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Best of Breed & Enterprise Systems

Whether your hospital has a best of breed EHR system, or has upgraded to an enterprise EHR suite, Mozaic MobileMED+ is the mHealth application that physicians want. Mozaic MobileMED+ improves practice management, increases revenues, and quality performance as well as, quality of life.

MobileMED+ can extract value from hospital IT investments by leveraging existing systems, their data and infrastructure, optimizing physicians and providing valuable, real-time consolidated data for analysis. In addition, given the rich features included with MobileMED+ and the available analytics package, by adding MobileMED+, best of breed systems pick up a host of new features and capabilities that are available in larger enterprise health IT solutions.  Mozaic MobileMED+ adds to best of breed systems, similar feature sets of Epic and Cerner with a much smaller footprint, and the integration abilities with any existing health IT and EHR systems.