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Who Are We, and Why Did We Develop Mozaic?

Mozaic was designed by busy surgical residents with health IT experience, to tackle a physician’s typical daily workload, streamlining operations and increasing overall efficiency. In doing so, the team had to understand not only software development, but also EHR integration, database design, and the pain points of each stakeholder expected to benefit from the app. These include doctors, finance administrators, hospital executives, and health IT staff. By designing the system while working as surgical residents, the team focused on addressing core EHR features as well as the myriad day-to-day issues that create unnecessary inefficiencies and headaches.

Mozaic is unique in that it was built as a mobile platform first and foremost, ensuring that a busy surgical physician’s tasks could be accomplished within the constraints of a tablet or smartphone screen. From there, the team employed end-user testing, along with extensive knowledge of health IT, to add features and solutions to address the needs and of each stakeholder.

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Best of Breed & Enterprise Systems

Whether your hospital has a best of breed EHR system, or has upgraded to an enterprise EHR suite, Mozaic MobileMED+ is the mobile application that physicians want. Mozaic MobileMED+ improves practice management, increases revenues, and quality performance as well as, quality of life.

MobileMED+ can extract value from hospital IT investments by leveraging existing systems, their data and infrastructure, optimizing physicians and providing valuable, real-time consolidated data for analysis. In addition, given the rich features included with MobileMED+ and the available analytics package, hospitals pick up a host of new features and capabilities that are available in larger enterprise EHR systems. Mozaic MobileMED+ has the same or similar feature sets of Epic and Cerner with a much smaller footprint, and the integration abilities with any existing health IT and EHR systems.