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Hospital Administration and Billing

Mozaic can extract value from hospital IT investments by leveraging existing systems, their data, and their infrastructure.

Using Mozaic’s billing and compliance logic engine, your organization can ensure proper ICD-10 code selection, accurate characterization of severity of illness, and capture of highly discrete and detailed data using our intuitive Major Comorbid/Comorbid condition selection tool and patient encounter summary documentation.

  • Advanced documentation using Dragon Medical voice-to-text, to capture missed revenue from improper billings to insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive reporting from physicians and referring providers.
  • Conversion of incompatible records from multiple departments into unified data in a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • HIPAA compliance throughout entire application.
  • Incorporation of the latest 2016 HHS-ONC Interoperability Standards and 2015 EHR Certification Requirements.
  • By improving documentation and coding compliance, health care providers can drive comprehensive data of illness categorization, improved outcomes, and in the end, better provider and patient satisfaction.
  • Given the features in MobileMED+, hospitals with best of breed EHR systems can essentially upgrade without incurring the major cost of purchasing an enterprise EHR system.
  • Your mobile solution for hospitals that upgraded to an enterprise wide EHR system.
  • We can integrate with any best of breed EHR or series of best of breed EHR system and has the same or similar feature sets of large enterprise EHR vendors, but without the cost and time to install.
  • Analytics and data visualization increase the quality of care with better results.

Mozaic Analytics and Data Visualization

Mozaic optimizes your existing IT environment by consolidating data from multiple systems in your network, helping leverage existing IT systems to drive Meaningful Use Compliance, and providing a real-time platform and database for population health analytics, quality reporting, and patient portal needs.

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Best of Breed & Enterprise Systems

Whether your hospital has a best of breed EHR system, or has upgraded to an enterprise EHR suite, Mozaic is the mobile application that physicians want. Mozaic improves practice management, increases revenues, and quality performance, as well as, quality of life.

Mozaic can extract value from hospital IT investments by leveraging existing systems, their data and infrastructure, optimizing physicians and providing valuable, real-time consolidated data for analysis. In addition, given the rich features included with Mozaic and the available analytics package, hospitals pick up a host of new features and capabilities that are available in larger enterprise EHR systems.  Mozaic has the same or similar feature sets of Epic and Cerner with a much smaller footprint, and the integration abilities with any existing health IT and EHR systems.