Take Your Medical Practice Mobile

EHR and Practice Management

Why Mozaic?

Mozaic is a feature-packed HIPAA compliant mHealth application that integrates with your hospital’s EHR systems to optimize every aspect of a healthcare provider’s work day. Mozaic is easy to use with Dragon Medical voice-to-text for accessing or entering discrete data from patient encounters, taking notes and creating ICD-10 compliant documentation. Plus, Mozaic’s documentation helps eliminate missed revenues and has a quick ROI.

Mozaic is the complete practice management application that runs in the palm of your hand and is compatible with best of breed and enterprise EHR systems, creating harmony in your health ecosystem.

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Practice Management

As healthcare providers see patients, Mozaic’s integration engine runs in the background, as a gatekeeper, seamlessly providing physician’s the ability to access and enter patient data from multiple systems, automatically updating and reconciling patient charts to the hospital’s EHR system.

Mozaic improves care and cost, as well as population health, to identify essential patient needs with real-time, detailed provider and department level analysis, and leverage prior IT investments to consolidate data integration.


Make Health IT Work for You

Patient Data Integration


Complete and easy access to all patient records and documentation


Intuitive interface optimizes and adapts to physicians’ normal work day


Voice-to-text recognition makes data entry and note taking simple and stress-free


Real-time reporting reduces variables and improves patient results

HIPAA Compliant

Mozaic removes some of the main barriers to workflow proficiency healthcare providers have been facing for years. Our solution integrates with your existing health IT and EHR system infrastructure, creating a HIPAA compliant mHealth application. Data is not stored on mobile devices.